Baptist Magazine Editor: Nobody Sane Will Vote For Ulakhovich


One can only sympathize with the presidential candidate from Belarusian Patriotic Party, cossac ataman Mikalay Ulakhovich and his team-mates for his blunder about Baptists propagating damage to health and terrorism. Such opinion has been expressed by the executive editor of Evangelical Baptist Christians magazine “Krynitsa Zhytstsya” Vasil Trubchyk in his blog.

“With this sentence he demonstrated his ignorance in the religious sphere. Where were his editors, his assistants, his comrades? If Ulakhovich has a cossack’s honor and courage he should ask  Baptists, who he had slandered, and the audience, that he confused, for forgiveness “, – mentioned he.

Moreover, Vasil Trubchyk supposes, with his words the candidate threw a stone at the state because with by this statement he accused it of legal existence of organizations harming the health of its citizens and acting against the state. “Baptists got used to hear such blunders and forgive Ulakhovich but I think that nobody of them or any sane people will vote for such a candidate”, – the editor stated.

Vasil Trubchyk also expressed his wish of an educational work conducted on a state level “for people to know who Baptists really are”. “I do not know where Mikalay Ulakhovich found such information. God forgive him for public slander!” – added he.

As has previously reported, Mikalay Ulakhovich has criticized Christians of a “Baptist sort” by accusing them of promoting unhelathy lifestyle. He made such announcement during a television speech. Viktar Krutsko, the chairman of the Union of Evangelical Baptist Christians, called Mikalay Ulakhovich an “ignoramus” in the field of religion.

Как сообщала, Николай Улахович резко высказался о христианах «баптистской направленности», обвинив их в проповеди вреда здоровью. Такое заявление он сделал во время выступления по белорусскому телевидению в рамках предвыборной агитации. Председатель Союза евангельских христиан-баптистов в Беларуси Виктор Крутько назвал кандидата в президенты Николая Улаховича невеждой в вопросах религии.