BAOC Parish in Minsk Decided not to Register Itself


The Minsk parish of Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church decided not to register itself officially, priest Leanid Akalovich stated. It was planned to hand in all necessary documents this year but after BAOC primate archbishop Svyataslau (Lohin) having been not allowed to come to Belarus it was decided not to register because “it is pointless”.

The priest emphasized the fact that previously archbishop visited Belarus every year without any trouble. The National Boarder Service stated that the prohibition of entereing the country had been issued for an unspecified period, Forum18 reports.

The last time BAOC Minsk parish was refused registration in 2011. Among the reasons were negative state of the parish building according to epidemiological service and the necessity of analyzing the BAOC doctrine. On the same time, Catholic, Lutheran, Judean, Old Believers and other communities which are separate from others but share the same doctrine and have similar names, are registered without any trouble.

The BAOC priest Aliaksandr Shramko thinks that it is connected with the fact that since 2003 BOC has an exclusive right for using the words “Orthodox Church” in Belarus.

As has previously reported, the bishop serving in the US, went to Belarus through Charnihiu (Ukraine), where his mother lives.

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