Tablets With Belarusian Prayers are Installed in Holy Land


The IV National pilgrimage of Belarysians – of Catholic and Greek Catholic hierarchs, priests and believers – to the Holy Land ended on 26 September in the city of Ein Karem, the native city of John the Baptist, where the culminating act of the pilgrimage took place – consecration of tablets with prayers «Magnificat» and «Benedictus» written in Belarusian.

The solemn Mass dedicated to this event was headed by Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyou archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz assisted by bishop-suffragan of Pinsk diocese Kazimir Vyalikaselets and the Apostolic visitator to Greek Catholics of Belarus archmandrite Syarhey Gajek, reports.

300 Belarusian pilgrims participated in the Holy Mass asking for “Belarusian people to build their future on Christian values”. During the sermon the hierarch reminded the story of Virgin Mary meeting with Elisabeth during which Maria sang her famous hymn “Magnificat”, a tablet with which the hierarchs revered on kneels.

The tablet with Belarusian text of «Magnificat» joined the “tables family” in the shrine with tablets from other countries of the world. The installation of tablets became possible thanks to Catholic Viktar Obukh who was the sponsor of the enterprise.  The vice-keeper of Terra-Santa custody congratulated Belarusians with this event.

The second plate, with text of «Benedictus» was consecrated at the place where in Biblical times the house of Zachary was situated.

The destination of the next National pilgrimage of Belarusian Catholics to the Holy Land will be Jordan. It is planned to consecrate the tablet with words from the Gospel of Mark “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” A special permission will be received, just like with the already consecrated tablets placed at Terra Santa custody or at Pater Noster Church which belongs to France.

The Pater Noster Belarusian tablet was placed at Pater Noster Church in 2011.