Ulakhovich: by Baptists I Meant ISIS Militants


A presidential candidate from Belarusian Patriotic Party, a cossac ataman Mikalay Ulakhovich explained what he meant when accused a “Baptist movement” of propagating terrorism and health hazard.

According to him, by the “Baptist movement” he meant “groups propagating ideas different of the ideas of Orthodox Church”. “Or maybe you want to say that Belarusian Orthodox Church does not act against Baptism? It does. I know it”, – mentioned he, according to Naviny.by.

“Actualy I meant those Muslims who support ISIS. They also create small groups trying to attract locals with their ideas. Slavic sucide bombers are the example of such activities. I want to add that our Baptists are doves, I never touched them and will not touch them in the future if they are registered”, mentioned the candidate while adding that “his notions about beliefs are in a muddle”.

As Krynica.info has previously reported, Mikalay Ulakhovich soaked Christians of “Baptist sort”, accusing them of propaganda of health hazard. He made such announcement during a television speech.

Viktar Krutsko, the chairman of the Union of Evangelical Baptist Christians, called Mikalay Ulakhovich, a candidate for presidency, an “ignoramus” in the field of religion.