Lukashenko: Tradtitional Family Is Very Important


Humanity takes wrong course in its development, the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the meeting with the representatives of religious confessions, national communities and diplomatical missions  on 2 October at the All Saints Monument Church in Minsk.

“We are taking a wrong course in several aspects of development of humankind but we are beginning to realize that it will turn a catastrophe not only in terms of war and peace but in the moral sphere as well”, – he told according to BelTA.

According to him, a family and an interconfessional dialog are very important. Aleksandr Lukashenko also expressed his conviction that differences in believes should not be a basis for dissension.

The President believes that  the rich experience of fruitful international and religious relations in Belarus can be useful in the world today.

The President told that strengthening ties between confessions and ethnical unions with diplomatical missions accredited in Belarus are very useful. “You may become a link between Belarus and nations which population consists of people of a certain religion or ethnos. It will benefit us all”, – he added.

“There is no place for aggression and violence in our hearts. We can not allow new murderous conflicts. It is dictated by historical memory and by the care for well-being of international community”, – emphasized Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The heads of religious confessions had noted tolerance of Belarusian people, which allows people of different beliefs coexist peacefully.

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