Vitsiebsk Officials Asked Not To Demolish Former Catholic Chapel


A coordinator of the constituent committee of “Belarusian Christian Democracy” Party for Vitsiebsk region Tatstsyana Sevyarynets asks local authorities not to demolish a former Catholic chapel in Vistsiebsk. She appealed to Bitsiebsk city executive committee in regard to the decision of city authorities to demolish a middle XIX c. building in the Botanical Garden.

“Is it that many historical buildings in Vitsiebsk? Can’t the money given for demolition and a new project be used for renovation of the chapel?” – asks she, according to

Tatstsyana Sevyarynets asks to think about our descendants who are given less and less possibilities to witness the history of the city. If the chapel is not considered a historical monument, why can it not be moved to some other place? – asks she.

The BCD coordinator states that she appelas on behalf of many Vitsiebsk citizens who feel sorry for the native city, for its rich history, for those who spent their lives and money for its development and beauty.

As has reported, Vitsiebsk city executive committee decided to demolish a 2-storey brick building of a former Catholic chapel on Uritskaga str. It is presumably a chapel of 1859 which belonged to Vitsiebsk landowner Stsyapan Dunin-Slepsts with an added second floor.

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