What Do Belarusian Presidential Candidates Think About Abortions


Abortions are a topic isuue for Belarusian society. According to the official Ministry of Healthcare statistics, there are 21 abortions for 100 births, notwithstanding the fact that many types of abortions are not being registered. In this regard, krynica.info asked the alternative presidential candidates about their view on the problem. Here are their answers:
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Syarhey Haydukevich, the leader of Liberal Democratic Party:

I do not even want to hear about it. Abortion is godless. A whole set of measures is needed, consisting of education, social work and legislation. One cannot prohibit it, cannot break people’s will. The Lord prohibits us to do that. He always told us not to press people but to convince them. I am for a religious education in schools with consideration of all confessions. Such set of measures must be developed. If a person had heard the message, it is good. If he had not, we do not have a right to break him or her. That is not how the Lord taught us.

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Tatstsyana Karatkevich, “Tell the Truth” program participant:

We have to continuously promote family values, to explain why it is not worth to make abortion. It is important not to impose any prohibitions. A total abolition of abortions would make women to conduct abortions out of hospitals, to risk their health and lives. We will choose a path of explanation, the path of propagating the value of human life. A woman should also know that even if her situation is difficult the state will help her to feed, cloth and educate her child.

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Mikalay Ulakhovich, the chairman of Belarusian Patriotic Party, the chief ataman of the social association “Belarusian Cossaks”:

For me it is a difficult question. Today every young family regulates its fertility. It seems to me that nowadays it can be done without abortions. But if it happens… Such case took place in my family. We decided not to make an abortion and we had a wonderful child.

I cannot impose my views on others because there are different situations. Let us take, for example, a mother suffering from AIDS. Is it necessary to give birth to a human being that will suffer? It is very difficult. I think that it is very individual and everybody must decide for herself. Many had died for their beliefs.

Women mostly want to have a child. Only few women make abortion.