Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz: Parents Are Guilty Of Making Religious Eduaction Formality


Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyou archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz told on 8 October about his speech at Bishops Synod “Vocation and mission of family  in Catholic Church in modern world” in Vatican.

While talking about divorced people, those who got married repeatedly and homosexuals the hierarch notes that in Catholic Church nobody can suffer from discrimination, there should be a place for everybody but “it is important to remember that by admitting possibility for divorced people to get a communion we indirectly support divorce while forgetting about children who in this case suffer the most. It is important to know that one cannot separate ministry from Church teaching”, – reports.

“Parents pay a lot of attention to the physical, intellectual and cultural education of their children, which cannot be said about the spiritual education”, – the bishop tells about the problems of the Belarusian family. – Religious educationis given to children in so-called Sunday schools. It is a big progress in comparison with situation in the years of persecution and parents gladly send their children to these schools. But they forget about their obligation to support the knowledge acquired by their children with a living example of their lives, they forget about the fact that a family must be a “house Church”. Thus, a religious educationof children become a formality”.

As a positive example of religious education the hierarch reminds the times of atheist repressions when a a widespread prctice of a joint prayer of grandparents, parents and children was a more wholesome religious school.