What Do Presidential Candidates Think About Same-Sex Marriage?

сексуальная рэвалюцыя

The  Belarusian presidential election campaign of 2015 is coming to its end. The legalization of same-sex marriages spreades worldwide while facing the opposition of most of Christian Churches. In this regard Krynica.info asked alternative presidential candidate about this topic. Here are their answers.

гайдукевіч (16)Syarhey Haydukevich, the leader of Liberal Democratic Party:

Let the status quo be retained in Belarus. These would be the rights decisions for me as a politician. The more I will touch this topic, the more I will attract attention to all parties of the issue. The Lord told us not to make the situation worse than it is. That is why the situation in our country is better than in many neighboring countries. We have to preserve the existing situation and that will be sufficient.

Короткевич - Караткевіч 16

Tatstsyana Karatkevich, the representative of “Tell the truth!” campaign:

It must be decided in parliament and society must be ready for that. Today we are far from this condition. We are facing many problems and this is definitely not the most important one.

Улаховіч 10

Mikalay Ulakhovcih, the chairman of Belarusian Patriotic Party, the head ataman of “Belarusian cossacks” public association:

It is a disease. I faced this problem at work and in my personal life. I helped those people to change their residence and workplace. They must be helped, not be banished or be mocked. They must not be ostracized or else they will form groups. They should be welcomed by society. But I am personally flatly against homosexuality and things like this. We need both genders. The country should grow by its own population.