Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz: Threat of Gender Ideology Discussed At Synod


The first stage of the Synod on Family, which started in Vatican a week ago, came to an end on 10 October with reports of language groups. There are 13 groups organized for the Synod, consisting of Catholic bishops representing different traditions and cultures.

While telling about his impressions of the first Synod week, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyou Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz reminds the words of Pope Francis who at the beginning of the Synod asked not to turn it into a parliament seeking for a compromise, because at Synod “One has to give place for God and trust the Holy Spirit for collective search of decisions under His guidance”. Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz also reminds that Synod is always pastoral and does not considers the problems of doctrine, reports.

While talking about the reaction of bishops to «Instrumentum laboris», which is a basic document for the Synod’s fianl document, the hierarch says that many bishops  noted its pro-European and even a pro-American nature which does not consider the sitaution of a family real situation and traditions of other cultures.

Several bishops are also dissatisfied with the fact of the document being the result of socialogical analysis of a modern family, but it is insufficient because problems of families should be addressed from the Church viewpoint as well.

According to Archbishop Kondrusiewicz, a ot of attention is paid to the neccessity of changing of the language which the Catholic Church uses to address modern people and families, – it must be clear and it must revive  family life.

While talking about Synod issues which are most covered in mass media, such as gay relationship, the Holy Communion for divorced people, gender ideology, using of genetics for procreation, Archbishop Kondrusiewicz says: “The threat of gender ideology which becomes a dictatorship has been already discussed at the Synod. The Catholic Church cannot accept it because it contradicts the Divine Plan, as well as it cannot agree with the practice of artificial fertilization. The Catholic Church does not refuse its guidance to homosexuals, divorced people and those who had remarried, and wants to help them. But it cannot accept gay couple as a normal family because it contradicts the institution of familiy defined by God and it cannot give the Communion for divorced people and those who live in a cohabitation because they are out of Grace. Being the house of the Merciful Father the Church awaits people in such difficult situations. The doors of Catholic Church are open for them through a conversion”.

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