Pro-Life Trolleybus Put Into Service in Hrodna


A campaign called “Hrodna medics are Pro-Life” started on 14 October in protection of conceived lives – a trolleybus covered in Pro-Life ads and consecrated by priests of Orthodox and Catholic Churches began coursing the streets of Hrodna.

The campaign was started by the dean of Trinity Church in Hlubokaye f. Mikalay Tikhanovich, the spiritual ex-guardian of Hrodna medics, and the leader of local Pro-Life movement Maryna Valachkova. The start of the Pro-Life trolleybus became possible thanks to the Hrodna Life and Family Defence Center “RadziMa”, BOC Hrodna diocese’s council for protection of motherhood and family values and Catholic spiritual guidance of medical system of Hrodna, reports.

The funds for trolleybus decoration were raised by local medics. Hrodna trolleybus depot provided the trolleybus for free.