Belarusian Version of World Youth Day Anthem Has Local Colour


The the music video with a Belarusian version of anthem of the World Youth Day, organized by Catholic Church in Krakow in 2016, is almost complete. The video will be supposedly published on the next week. The official presentation will take place on the meeting of those who want to visit WYD.

There were several reasons for recording Belarusian version of the WYD anthem. First, to promote the event. The second, to unite Belarusian Christian musicians, Alena Kot, the organizer of the project, told

Father Syarhey Trysten of Carmelites is the inspirer and the main organizer of the project. The lyrics of the anthem were translated from Polish to Russian by Yuliya Shedzko.

Not only Catholics but worshippers of other confessions participated in the recording. “An invitation for everybody willing to participate was placed on VKontakte and people of different talents took part in the project. The soloists are the stars of Belarusian Christian music: Patrytsiya Kurhanova, the participant of Russian show “Golos”, the vocalist of Belarusian academical music theater Dzmitry Matsiyeuski and a famous musician Aliaksandr Patlis”, – Alena Kot told.

“Anthem is an anthem but we wanted to added national colour to it. That is why we added Belarusian folk instrument: a girl from the band “Stary Olsa” plays sapilka. In general, we wanted to add someting of ourselves to the song. Where we succeeded or not is up to you to decide”, – she mentioned.

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