Prayer Rooms to be Arranged At Activity Therapy Centres Of Hrodna Diocese


A seminar on organization of BOC prison service in the facilities of Correction Department of ministry of internal affairs took place at IK-11 coorection colony in Vaukavysk on 20 October.

The seminar began wuth a liturgy at St. Serafim of Sarov church in IK-11, after which the chairman of prison service Synodal department of BOC protopriest Heorhi Lapukhou addressed the convicts with a sermon, reports.

F. Heorhi presented a small collection of books and DVDs to the prison library.

The second part of the seminar took place at Ross town by the invitation of the senior prison priest of Hrodna diocese protopriest Viktar Kalasouski. During the meeting the possibility was discussed of arrangement of prayer rooms at activity therapy centres and of organization of regular attendance of services by convicts.

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