Aleksandr Lukashenko Sent Present to Pope Francis


The representative of Vatican in Belarus, the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti, met Pope Francis on 22 October. At the meeting Archbishop Gugerotti gave the pontific a present from the president of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko, an icon “The Pure Heart of Mary”.

The icon sent by the president is made using the ancient Belarusian woodwork technique called “Sozh filigree”, reports.

The pontific assured the Apostolic Nuncio that he highly appreciates the gest and sends the word of sincere gratitude to the high donor and the Apostolic blessings to the whole Belarusian people.

During the last meeting with the Pope the Apostolic Nuncio asked the pontific to consecrate the cornerstone for a new church in Homiel.