Judaists Protest Against Seminar on Judeo-Christian Dialog at Valozhyn Yeshiva


The Judean Religious Association in the Republic of Belarus, being a proprietor of Valozhyn yeshiva, “expresses its decisive protest against breaking and entering the building of the yeshiva by a group of people without any rights for it”. Such was the reaction of JRA RB towards the the fact that the seminar on subject “Christianity and Judaism in modern Belarus” took place on 21 October in the building of the yeshiva.

JRA RB is going to “give this outrageous and unprecedented fact” a legal evaluation from the point of view of Belarusian authorities and the embassy of Israel in Belarus, reads the Association’s statement.

“We do not like that some people impudently broke into our house without out knowlege, we do not like that some people call themselves rabbis while not understanding that one cannot enter somebody else’s closed premises. We do not like that this marry-go-round discredits Orthodox Judaism and we find this fact quite unfriendly towards Belarusian Jews. We demand official appologies for the Judean Religious Association in the Republic of Belarus from organizers of this event”, – state representatives of JRA RB.

The seminar was organized by Johannes Rau Minsk international educational centre. Its aim was to familiarize seminar participants with the status of Judeo-Christian dialog in Belarus, to develop the principles of Judeo-Christian dialog and cooperation in modern society, to draw the public attention to the topical problem of commemoration of innocent victims of World War II, to the subject of Holocaust, to the importance of historical heritage and the culture of memory.

The seminar was attended by the heads of Valozhyn district executive committee, the associate professor of Orthodox Minsk academy of theology protopriest Aleksi Vasin, the dean of Minsk theological seminary of ECB Paval Asenenka, the senior rabbi of the Republican public association of Progressive Judaism communities Ryhor Abramovich and others.

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