Kapyl Officials Prohibited Consecration Of Monument Honoring People of Burnt Village


On 24 October Kapyl district executive committee prohibited a civic activist Viktar Dashkevich consecration of a memorial plate set in the memory people of Kalodzeznaye village who were burnt during the war.

Viktar Dashkevich explaines that previously the officials demanded the acknowledgement of their non-existetnt participation in producing and installing of the monument. Dashkevich refused and as a result a bureaucratic procedure became necessary, Radio Svaboda reports.

This summer Viktar Dashkevich and a painter Uladzimir Shvaybovich produced and installed a plate for money raised by donations. One of the donators was an employee of the German embassy to Belarus whom Dashkevich wanted to invite to the consecration ceremony.

The inscription on the plate reads: “Here are burried people of Kalodzeznaye village killed by Nazi death squad on 9 February, 1943. Lord, take their souls. The monument is installed for donations”.

According to Dashkevich, the officials were revolted with the fact of a German diplomat being invited to a “mass event”. “I was told that it will be a mass event which means that a permit is necessary. I will apply for it, there is nothing I can do. I planned to consecrate the monument on Dzyady (memorial day) but I have to postpone the ceremony because the permit will be ready two weeks later”, – says Viktar Dashkevich.

A tragedy at Kalodzeznaye village happened in the February of 1943 but till this summer the place of death of almost 200 villagers has not been marked.

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