Makey: Belarus Supports Actions Of Russia In Syria


Uladzimir Makey, the minister of foreign affairs of Belarus, stated after a combined session of Belarusian and Russian MFA workgroups on 27 October in Moscow that Belarus supports Russia’s actions in Syria because they corespond with international law.

“Our friends from Russia very promptly informed the Belarusian party that by the request of Syrian president Russia would carry out air strikes at terrorists’ positions in Syria”, – Makey stated, according to

Makey also noted that “the actions of Russia correspond with the norm of international law” and that Belarusian officials were amazed with the fact that Russia was not asked to join the international anti-ISIS coalition.

The head of Belarusian MFA believes that terrorists cannot be divided into moderate and immoderate: “War on terror is one of global priorities and Russia must be an integral part of this process”.

Russia began its military operation in Syria on 30 September. The president of RF Vladimir Putin claimed that airstrikes are carrid out by the request of Syrian government.