Metropolitan Pavel: Oath Calls Ecclesisastic Judges For Special Responsibility


The first meeting of the Judges of Belarusian Orthodox Church took place at Minsk Theology Academy in Minsk on 27 October under the chairmanship of the Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslaul Pavel, the Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus.

The chairman of the court of Belarusian Exarchate archbishop of Navahrudak and Slonim Hury, his deputy the bishop of Lida and Smarhon Parfiry and the chairmeen of diocesan courts also participated in the meeting, reports.

After making a short diggression in the history of legal procedure in Orthodox Church Metropolitan Pavel reminded that the task of an ecclesiastic court is to “to make a decision that should stop spreading of sinful acts and to to turn the person back to the Church and on the way of salvation through repentance”.

His Eminence Pavel noted that the oath commits the ecclesiastic judges to a special responsibility an to the duty to cultivate the culture of the ecclesiastic law among the clergy and the laity.

The secretary of the Curt protopriest Serhiy Movsesian, protopriest Ioann Kharashevich and priest Alialsandr Shelest also are the members of Belarusian Exarchate.

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