Archbishop Hury: Karaulova was Recruited By ISIS Beacuse Her Family did Not Support Her Search For Christ


While talking about the avalanch of crimes against Christianity in Middle East, the Archbishop of Navahrudak and Slonim Hury sees the root of the new evil – the growing power and popularity of the “Islamic State” – in the indeffirence to God of people of primoridally Christian countries.

While talking about the inner strength of the new martyrs – the Christians of war-torn states, – Bishop Hury reminds us the words of Reverend Isaac Sirianin “Nobody ascended to Heaven while having an easy life”. He explained that Christian selflessnesss should be cultivated  gradually as a form of regular spiritual practice, reports.

“Our common trouble is that for many people the faith has ceased to be  the life force and its ultimate aim, a source of happiness and hope. Even religious rites became some sort of an unneccessary addition to the purely pragmatic values. One should not think that the most dangerous enemies are the external ones. John Chrysostom says that the worst of persecutions is the lack of external persecution”, – the archbishop speculates, pointing at the human habit of comfort as a danger to the spiritual life.

While talking about thousands educated young Europeans and Russians recruited by ISIS His Eminence Hury sees the cause of their personal tragedy in the spiritual vacuum existing in their homelands.

As an example the hierarch gives the story of Varvara Karaulova, a girl from Moscow: “Part of her life she spent in the USA and in Western Europe, then she moved to Russia, gratuated from school with a golden medal, she knows five languages. And this educated girl, baptized in Orthodox Christianity, puts on burqa and sets to Syria! Knowledge is a good thing but they do not feed the soul. Varvara did not receive the most important thing – a spiritual education. As her friend tells, she wore a cross and a ring engraved with “Save and deliver”, she reached for Christ but her family did not support this aspiration. And it sufficed to her to meet skillful recruiters and her urge towards the highest ideal worked – and the darkness seemed the light to her”.

His Eminence Hury sees the natural “rebel” of the most educated and thinking yong people of every generation as the cuase of young people seeking for high idelas convert to Islam. By searching for bright emotions young people choose Islam because their families and close people did not give them a firm Christian foundation.

“The threat of radical Islam is nearing us, – says the archbishop, – and we should try to love Christ with all our heart. We should not be satisfied with some “comfortable” Christianity but to turn to the real faith, to good and charitable deeds, to life by the Commandments, to the faith for which one should be ready to suffer till death”.

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