Rezults Of “Life Under the Heart” Competition Announced

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The rezults of “The Life Under the Heart”, the competition of Pro-life materials which was held this spring by the initiative of civic initiative “Community of Christian Journalists and Bloggers”, were announced.

About 20 materials from ten authors were presented to the competition. The jury – the editor-in-chief of Christian magazine “Nadzezhda dlya tebya” Larysa Zhybryk, the campaign “V zashchitu zhizni” coordinator Volha Kavalkova and the director of “Chistoye serdtse” charity mission f. Yury Sanko – chose the best ones.

The first place, with 26 points of 30, was taken by Paval Mitskevich’s article “A gynecologist who left the trade to avoid performing abortions: I said a little torn-off hand and I realized that I can’t do it…” published on the site of “Komsomolskaya pravda v Belarusi”.

The second place was shared by two articles – “The woman is promised freedom but is made alone and miserable” and “Contraception is a step towards legelization of  same-sex marriages and euthanasia”. They got 24 points each. It is interesting that they have one author – Yuliya Chyrva, who published them at portal.

The line winners is closed by Alyona Shabunya with her article “The child which seemed unnecessary became beloved one” published on portal and which got 22 points.

The day and place of awarding ceremony will be announced later.