Metropolitan Pavel is Against “Restoration” Of Belarusian Churches After Russian Fashion


Metropolitan Of Minsk and Zaslaul Pavel, the Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus, spoke in defence of “status quo considering the churches built in the last century and the century before” at the opening of the exhibition “The Orthodox churches and chaples of Estonia” at the National Museum of Belarus on 3 November.

While emphasyzing that “the construction of churches was always the lot of the most advanced people” the hierarch mentioned that it was always the same: “In all days private houses was on the second place for people, all the best things they brought to God, that is why churches astonish people”, reports.

According to His Eminence Pavel, during the renovation the ancient churches “should not be changed. If the church is renovated than it would be more proper to keep its original image. The restoration itself presupposes renovation with original appearance being kept intact”.

While expressing his support of those who treat possible changes of appearance of churches “conservatively” the Metropolitan admitted that in certain cases a dome can be changed but it must not be “discordant” with a church.

The Metropolitan’s words sounded on the background of a wide social response caused by the change of the dome of the Holy Trinity cathedral in Slonim. By the initiative of the church’s dean protopriest Zmitser Syomukha the authentic dark brass barocco dome was replaced with a big gilded Russianßstzle dome on 27 October.

On 1 November Metropolitan Pavel decorated f. Syomukha with the order of Cyrill, the Baptist of Turau, of the 2nd degree.