Protest to be Organized In Brest Against Demo;ition Of Old Catholic Chapel


The coordinator of constituent committee of Belarusian Christian Democracy party Tatstsyana Sevyarynets sent on 4 Nivember another address to the administration of Masherau Vitsiebsk state university which being a proprietor is going to demolish an old Catholic chapel not having funds for its restoration.

“I have warned the proprietor about the liability for breaking World heritage convention, because according to Art. 4 of the convention ratified by Belarus in 2005 among the first 10 signers the proprietors are responsibe for the heritage, for its safekeeping, popularization and handing to the next generations notwithstanding the fact whether this objects enters Belarusian lists or not”, – says Tatstsyana Sevyarynets to

Previously, Tatstsyana Sevyarynets received a negative answer from Vitsiebsk city executive committee to her appeal not to demolish and to restore the old chapel of 1859, a previous property of Vitsiebsk landowner Stsyapan Dunin-Slepsts. While making a reference to the administration of the university authorities answered that they would not mingle in the situation because this building was not included in the National list of cultural and historical treasures of Belarus.

Sevyarynets also asked the university administration to raise funds for restoration and to initiate volunteer campaigns.

Tatstsyana Sevyarynets is going to organize a protest against demolish of the chapel and to appeal to the public prosecutor’s office of Belarus.

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