Hooligan Rammed Orthodox Monastery In Polatsk

спаса-еўфрасіннеўскі манастыр

A car covered in religious slogans rammed the gates of Spaso-Efrosnyevski monastery in Polatsk, which lead to a criminal case. According to the investigation, a 37-years old citizen of Verkhnedzvinski district rammed the gates with Volkswagen Transporter in the early morning of 3 November. The monastery received damage estimated 5 mln Belarusian rubles.

A criminal case under Article 339 (“Hooliganism”) was filed against the detained and he was put in a medical institution for assessment of his mental health.

On the body of the car were placed such inscriptions of religious content, one of them read as “Bury the relics from churches and monasteries”.