Minsk Authorities Prohibited Public Bible Readings

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The readings of the Bible took place in Minsk on 20 November, initiated by an Evangelist Christian, a legal adviser of FGF Church “New Life” Syarhey Lukanin who was prohibited to do this by the city executive committee.

The deputy chairman of Minsk city executive committee and the first secretary of the Central Committee of Belarusian Communist Party Ihar Karpenka stated that “religious ceremonies are allowed only in cult buildings and at places of pilgrimage, at cemeteries and crematoria”, thus prohibiting the readings despite the fact that it was declared as a cultural , non-religious event.

Nevertheless, Lukanin came to the park at the time stated in the application.

“During the last year I restrained myself from such visits to the city because my family would not afford another large fine. But recently God reminded my the words from Jeremiah, that the willingness gives witness. And I made up my mind. It surprises me that in the country where more than 80% of citizens consider themselves Christians it is prohibited to express it openly. There are only four places to pray: a church, a cult place, a crematorium and a ritual house”, – stated Syarhey Lukanin.

The Bible readings continued for 20 minutes, during which no police officers were spotted.

Fotos by Paval Hadzinski

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