Metropolitan Kondrusiewicz: Today Everybody Is Called to Evangelization


Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyou Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz addressed Belarusian Catholics on 21 November with pastoral words dedicated to a Christmas period.

The days before Christmas are the days of spiritual deveopment which should be used for “preparation for the Birth of Christ”, says the address, reports.

The archbishop notices the personality of John the Baptist chosen by God to prepare the humanity for the coming of Christ. “Saint John the Baptist became an embodyment of hope for the time of salvation. Those who believed him were not wronged”, – the hierarch emphasizes.

While comparing the days of John the Baptist with modern days the archbishop reminds: “Many countries of the world and even the whole continents which have a rich Christian history and traditions turned away from God and lie as if He does not exist. Many Christians leave their faith at home or in a church and say that in an everuday life – at work, on the streets, at the university , in a shop, media etc. – it is not necessary because everybody leads another life. As a result, the world turns into a spiritual wasteland”.

That is why, the bishop says, the mission of John the Baptist is especially important today. It must be carried out by the Pope, the bishops, monks, nuns and faithful laypeople “because in the face of modern challenges everybody is called to evangelization and preparation for the road to God”.

A Special attention archbishop Kondrusiewicz pays to the personal life of people which is not more affected by the Commandments: “A wave of divorces and adultery floods the world, families become homosexual, the immoral use of genetics leads to genetic manipulation and artificial fertilization which contradicts the Word of God”. The hierarch also notices the danger of a gebder ideology.

According to the archbishop, another “scourge of the modern world” is terrorism and its consequences – many fugitives were forced to flee from physical extermination and “Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world again”.

The hierarch also warns the believers not to limit the period of Christmas only with buying presents and preparation of holiday decoration.