Shelter In Aliaksandrauka Will Stay


Aliaksey Shchadrou, the head of a shelter for homeless people in Aliaksandrauka village, met local authorities, who previously tried to close the shelter. The officials stated that now they have no reproofs to the head of the shelter and to the conditions in which the homeless people live.

Aliaksey Shchadrou received several minor reprimands and was promised the cooperation of social services of Shchuchin district which will help to keep the shelter in proper condition, Radio Ratsiya reports.

He mentioned that many people of good will help the shelter – people from Minsk Catholic Church, Greek Catholics, the dean of Lida Catholic church, father Uladzimir, Caritas charity society, Minsk Lutheran Church.

During the four years of its existence, almost 180 people enjoyed the stay at the shelter.

As previously reported, for several times the local authorities tried to shut down the shelter and to file a criminal case against Aliaksey Shchadrou, a brother missionary of Mother Theresa of Calcutta charisma.

Today ca 10 people are staying at the shelter.