Radio Maria will Allow Families to Gather by the Rosary At Home


F. Aliaksandr Tarasevich, the editor-in-chief of the Catholic Radio Maria in Belarus, which will start broadcasting in the nearest future, thinks that the idea of a Catholic radio is really relevant to Belarus.

According to the editor-in-chief, the themes of programs and their topicality will be determined by the activity of laypeople because Radio Maria is traditionally a work of laypeople while the priest only oversees the contents of programs. “In legal therms, Radio Maria in Belarus is a public organization. Its constitutors are local believers”, – says f. Tarasevich, reports.

The editor sees the problem in finding trained and able volunteers who will create and deliver programs, maintain the broadcast, fill the website, promote the station and organize backfeed. According to f. Tarasevich, this will require several dozens of people, considering the fact that volunteers will not be able to participate daily.

A good command of Belarusian will be obligatory for anchoring volunteers.

Legally Radio Maria will not be a religious or charity organization but it will be funded by donations.

Radio Maria has been in process of registration for more than a year. As for now the broadcast will be made via Internet.

While talking about future programs, the priest says that prayers and Masses will take approximately a third of air time. An integral part will be a cathechization for children, “because parents don’t treat their children cathechization seriously”. But, the priest specifies, it is necessary to make cathechization featuring children, because children can be easely bored by cathechization brought by “talking heads”.

Educational adult programs about lithurgy, ethics, Cathechism are also planned.

“Today many believers have a basic level of faith that is why they will be interested in gathering with the hole family for the Rosary at home”, – the priest hopes.

The first Radio Maria was founded in 1983 as a parish radio station in Arcellasco d’Erba, Como, Italy. The task of the radio was to inform the believers and to help them in prayer. In 1998 Italian association Radio Maria established the international association “Radio Maria World Family”. Today the radio broadcasts in 75 countries.

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