Metropolitan Pavel: While World Is In Calamity, Belarus Enjoys Peace And Concord


The Christmas readings, taking place on 2 December in Minsk, makes us think about the origins of peaceful life of Belarusian people, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslaul Pavel, the Patriarchal Exarch of all Belarus, stated. The event takes place for the first time and is dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the death of Saint Prince Vladimir and to the prospects of the development of Belarus.

“The modern world is in calamity, it suffers from so many disagreements and problems. The mind of every human is at unrest. But we live on the Belarusian soil, where wellbeing, peace and concord reign. We all want our country to enjoy this state forever, but we have to think what we can do for that”, – the hierarch said, adding that the readings help to think about those “who were at the origins of our people’s peaceful existence”.

The Metropolitan also said that the youth has to accept Evangelical values adequately and to keep them for all theri lives despite the attempts to “impress on them new ideas which destroy inner balance and life of our people”, BelTA reports.

The deputy plenipotentiary for religions and nationalities Alyona Radchanka mentioned that close cooperation between the Church and the state in the field of moral and patriotic education is one of the most important components of stability on the Belarusian soil, it helps preserving national traits and traditions of Belarusian people. According to her, the long-term cooperation programs between authorities and BOC allow to adjust methods in this field to the challenges of modern world with the aim of giving the youth a moral choice.

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