Key From Blown Up Church Found In Homiel


Yauhen Malikau, a history researcher from Homiel, found a unique artifact, a key from the Assumption of Holy Virgin Mary Catholic church which was blown up in the late 30’s. The artifact was provided by Yauhen Vidolis, 90, whose grandfather, Mikalay Rzhevustky, was a watchman of a destroyed shrine.

The historian found the old man while making a survey on the city’s pre-war life. During the talk he brought a lock and a key, kept safe by his grandfther. During the resettlement Yauhen Vidolis took them, reports.

According to the book “The Catholic Church and the State in Homiel region (the years 20-30 of XXth century)” published in 2009 by Homiel historians, in 1929 the Presidium of the city council decided to widen the dead end at Komsomolskaya str. by removing the church’s metal fence. During the demolition the watchman of the church took the lock of the gate which can be seen at the photo made in 1908.

This is the only material object connected with the destroyed church. The find was given to the believers of the Assumption of Holy Virgin Mary parish who will begin the construction of their church in the nearest future at the Rechitski avn., with a cornerstone consecrated by Pope Francis.