Yazids-Killing Jihadist From Belarus Killed In Iraq


A militant of Islamic State was killed in Sinjar district, Iraq. The killed had documents on the name of “Vasilyeu Dzianis” (a Belarusian name).

He had Austrian documents, business cards, credit card and a SIM-card. A Stambul hotel business card had an inscription in Russian. The documents issued to the native of Hrodna Dzianis Vasilyeu, born 1928, allow him to work in Bregenz, Austria, as a migrant. The site Kurdish Daily News describes him as a Belarusian Chechen.

According to the site, Dzianis Vasilyeu came to Turkey from Germany, then he went to Syria. From Syria he moved to Iraq, where in 2014 he participated in mass killings of Yazids in Sinjar district. He was killed in an encounter with Kurds in the same district.