Kondrusiewicz: Pope’s Speech On Family May Be Published Soon


The modern family faces a serious crisis, said Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyou Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz on 8 December at the press conference dedicated to the beginning of the Year of mercy in the Catholic Church.

“The modern family is sick. It must be cured. Family is a foundation of every society without wich the society will crumble”, – he mentioned according to Krynica.info reporter.

The Synod of bishops gathered this year in Vatican to find the solution for the problems of family. But the Synod does not take any decisions and is a counselling body. The final decision depends on Pope Francis.

“It has became recently  known that his encyclic will be published very soon. We will see in the Pope’s document which ideas of bishops had been heard”, – Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz added.