One Of The First Belarusian Christian Bloggers Passed Away


A Baptist pastor and one of the first Belarusian Christian bloggers Yury Smirnou passed away, the co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party constitutive committee Paval Sevyarynets told

“Yury Smirnou was writing the blog since the late 90s – almost the first Belarusian Protestant Christian blog. He was brave enough to attend Young Front and BNF meetings and conferences, since 1999 he was participating in the interconfessional Christian initiative”, – the Christian politician added.

“You went to church to a prayer meeting… and didn’t came. You fell on the street and died… The loss is terrible for me… You were one of those few whom I could call my true spiritual father! I became an orphan… All of us became…”, – pastor Paval Behichau in his blog.

“You left us texts and people brought up by these works. You were a moral compass to me. After talking with him I felt ashamed for many thoughts and deeds”, – he writes.

Yury Smirnou was born in 1960 in Barysau. In 1982 he gratuated from Minsk pedagogic institute of foreign languages. In 1993-1996 he was an interpreter in “Novaya Zhizn-2000” Christian mission. He made Christian programs for Belaruisan independen radio channel, closed by authorities in 1996. Till 2004 he continued Christian information service at Radio Bible Class. He published the newspaper “Vetvi” (“Branches”), began one of the first Belarusian Christian blogs, had a blog on Livejournal.

A farewell ceremony will take place on 11 December at the “Blagovestiye” Baptist church in Minsk on Chaykovskaha str, 37.

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