Bethlehem Flame Comes To Belarus


The Bethlehem Flame, or the Light of Peace, will arrive in Belarus on 19 December. The first Belarusian city to meet the Bethlehem Flame will be Hrodna.

From the Belarusian-Polish border the flame will be delivered by scouts. At 12 a.m. the flame will arrive to St. Francis Xavier cathedral in Hrodna where it will be met by the bishop of Hrodna Aliaksandr Kashkievich. Immediately after the receive of the Light of Peace the Holy Mass will start, reports.

Scouts from all over Belarus will come to meet the Bethlehem Flame to bring it to their shrines. The people of Hrodna will be also able to take the flame to their home for a Christmas feast where it will remind about the Incarnation of the Son of God.

Every year the journey of the Bethlehem Flame has a different slogan. This time it is “Notice the man”.

Every year a young man or a girl takes the Light of Peace from the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The flame is transported to Vienna where an ecumenical celebrations take place, at which the people of the city and the scouts from many European countries.

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