BCD Begins Second Stage of Pro-Life Campaign


Belarusian Christian Democracy party decided to proclaimed the protection of life as one of the most important tasks for the party at the constituent assembly on 12 December. The final aim is to change the legislation and to put an end to the practice of infanticide. Hence, it was decided to begin the second stage of the national Pro-Life campaign.

To reach these goals the new propositions of the legislation amendments will be drafted, a petition will be made; several supporting events will be organized with Christian churches; media campaign will be conducted, several educational events for BCD activists and other citizens. It is also planned to publish printed information materials for the people, BCD informed Krynica.info.

“They (the conceived children – ed.) have no rights, they are not even able to say a word or to give a voice of cry in their defense. That is why it is a primary duty of Belarusian Christian democrats to protect the life of every child”, – states the proclamation of the session.

The proclamation states that in 2012-2014 Belarusian Christian democrats drafted the amendments for the Healthcare law, thousands of signatures were collected in their support and as a result almost all but two social indicators for abortions were abolished, doctors were allowed to deny performing abortions and medical institutions were obliged to conduct a pre-abortive psychological counselling.

“These results give us force and inspiration to continue our work in support of life and traditional family values”, – the proclamation reports.

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