Christian Democratic Move: Night Alcohol Sales Must Be Banned


The Christian Democratic Movement, the constituent assembly of which took place on 14 November, will promote the development of civic society in Belarus, which will be based on Christian, democratic, patriotic and moral values, will promote the the prestige of family and its role in the society and the state, will promote healthy lifestile. That was stated on 17 December at the press conference in Minsk by Volha Kavalkova, the chairwoman of the CDM’s constituent committee.

Besides, she emphasized that CDM will not be involved in politics. According to her, it will attract many active people ready to work in spheres important to them, who share Christian and democratic values but who do not want to participate in politics. “We will organize socially important campaigns, lobby legal initiatives necessary to society but ignored by authorities”, – she said.

The first initiative of such kind will be the anti-alcoholism campaign. “Unfortunately, authorities are doing everythimg possible to fill the country’s budget and are not paying attention to the fact that alcohol abuse is a big problem in Belarus”, – stressed Volha Kavalkova.

In particular, CDM will demand the limitation of the alcohol sales time to 10 a.m. – 9 p.m., the prohibition of alcohol sale at gas stations an the exclusion of alcohol form the category of alimentary products. “In many places 24-hour stores are being opened specifically to sell alcohol. This practice must be stopped”, – the CDM leader said while reminding that every fourth crime in Belarus is committed in the state of alcohol intoxication.

The initiative is planned to be implemented through a legal feasibility study, a signature collection in suport of the initiatives and through personal meetings with the officials responsible for making decisions in these fields.