In 2015 Homiel Orthodox Diocese Helped 1.5 Refugees


The joint assembly of the clergy of the Homiel Orthodox diocese took place on 16 December at the Regional youth and children palace, with participation of all priests, nuns, heads of diocesan deprtments and brotherhoods’ and sororities’ leaders.

The assembly was opened by the bishop of Homiel and Zhlobins Stefan and the panel consisted of the head of the regional section for the affairs of religion, nationalities and youth policies Zmicer Chumakou, the secretary of the diocese protopriest Heorhi Alampijeu, the confessor of the diocese protopriest Stefan Hladyshchuk and the rural priest of the dioces’s monasteries  archmandrite Amvrosi (Shautsou), reports.

One of the key points of the bishop Stefan’s annual report was the importance of the help provided to the refugees form the warzone in East Ukraine. This year more than 1500 people received help from the parishes of Homiel region.

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