“Life Under Heart” Contest Winners Awarded In Minsk

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The award ceremony of the contest of Pro-Life journalism works “The life under a heart” organized by the Community of Christian journalists and Bloggers (CCJB) with the support of Krynica.info portal took place on 19 September in Minsk.

While opening the ceremony the CCJB coordinator Maksim Hacak mentioned that this year there were Orthodoxes, Catholics and Protestants among the contest winners. This fact demonstrates the unity of Christians of the three major Belarusian confessions in addressing social challenges.

About 20 works by ten authors had been sent to the contest which vwhich took place for the second time. The jury of the contest – the editor-in-chief of the Christian magazine “Nadzezhda dly tebya” (Hope for You) Larysa Zhybryk, the coordinator of the campaign “In defencse of life” Volha Kavalkova and the director of “Chystaye Sertsa” (Pure Heart) father Yury Sanko – selected the best works.

The first place, with 26 points of 30, was taken by Paval Mitskevich’s article “A gynecologist who left the trade to avoid performing abortions: I said a little torn-off hand and I realized that I can’t do it…” published on the site of “Komsomolskaya pravda v Belarusi”. The second place was shared by two articles – “The woman is promised freedom but is made alone and miserable” and “Contraception is a step towards legelization of  same-sex marriages and euthanasia”. They got 24 points each. It is interesting that they have one author – Yuliya Chyrva, who published them at  sobor.by portal. The line of winners is closed by Alyona Shabunya with her article “The child which seemed unnecessary became beloved one” published on Krynica.info portal and which got 22 points.

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All winners were given presents – Christmas tree decorations with Belarusian ornament, books and magazines by “Zhizn” publishing house and “Nadzezhda dlya tebya” editorial group, “Belarusian Christain hit” 7-disc sets and stylish eco-bags. The first place winner was given a copy of the first Belarusian fantasy novel “Seven stones” signed by the author of the book Alyaksey Shein.

One of the members of the jury panel, the coordinator of the campaign “In defense of life” Volha Kavalkova noted that the contest “Life under a heart” had already became a part of Belarusian Pro-Life scene. “We re united by the fact that we are Christians and despite we work in different fields they are all connected with Pro-Life work, – mentioned Kavakova. – Somebody works in the field of journalism, of legisaltion, of social work, but we are all doing a work necessary to Belarus. The results of our work encompass legal amendments, changes in the public conciousness, saved lives of children and adults”. But the real victory, Volha and other participants state, would be the total lack of causes and willingness to do abortions among Belarusian women, and this is far from being achieved.

One of the winners, Yuliya Chyrva, told that she joined Belarusian Pro-Life movement in 2012 and she immediately realized that it is not just a social activity or a profession it is a lifestyle. “Once you become a Pro-Lifer, – Chyrva said, – you won’t be able to lose heart, it becomes your cross”.

Krystsina Prakurat, Krynica.info, photos by Paval Hadzinski