Panconfessional Bible Translation May Appear In Belarus


The existence of a great number of Belarusian translations of the Bible can help to find the best variant. This was stated the Catholic Metropolitan of Minsk and Mahilyou, Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz.  at the oline conference on the site of the Belarusian Broadcasting Company. He also admitted that the official Belarusian translations of Catholic and Orthodox Churches are far from being full.

The hierarch also supposed a creation of a uniform Christian translation of the Bible to Belarusian. “It is worth considering and we are thinking about it. There is a Bible society consisting of representatives of different Christian congregations and we are working on it”, – he siad while admitting that it will be difficult to reach the agreement due to the differences in terminology.

“Some day such Bible will exist and it will be a great achievement in the cause of Christian unity”, – the archbishop supposes.

He called the “being together” of Catholic and Orthodox Churches in Belarus a gift. The metropolitan emphasized that the Catholic Church teaches that the Orthodox Church has the same ways of a man’s salvation and that “the difference of calendars an rites is not significant”.

As an example of a cooperation between Orthodoxes and Catholics Archbishop Kondrusiewicz named several charity projects aimed against drug and alcohol abuse. “In several abortion clinics in Minsk, Mahilyou and other cities ther are counselling rooms attended by turns by a Catholic and an Orthodox priest who speak to women visiting these clinics. And we have already saved many unborn children. It is also a good cooperation and God help it to develop. I hope that will be so because we are interested in it”, – he said.