Father Zavalnyuk: Spiritual Teachers Must Work At Kindergartens, Schools, In Army


Obedience, gratitude, care for one’s neighbor – all these characteristics are taught from the cradle, Uladzislau Zavalnyuk, the dean of the Catholic church of St. Simeon and Helen in Minsk, told in his interview to BelTA.

“That is why society needs spiritual teachers alongside usual ones. They must work at kindergartens and schools, in the army. Now we are investing in youth more materially – phones, cars, flats. I am afraid in return we will receive the same crude materialism”, – he noted.

According to him “the whole three or four generations” in Belarus “are morally emasculated and spiritually empty”. “But it is not their fault. There were not any churches or priests. That is why they have to encourage their children to study the basics of religion, to follow the examples of pure spiritual environment. The doors of churches are open for everybody but not everybody hurries to enter them. Up till now people are driven by quite dubious life goals. Is it really the meaning of life to fill one’s wallet with money or one’s refrigerator with food? Spiritual art, the light that comes from the deeps of soul – that is the essence of existence”, – the priest said.

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