Hrodna Authorities Forbid Christmas Mettings At Schools

The Hrodna education authorities prohibited Christmas meetings at the schools with Polish language courses. The decision was made by the order of the regional KGB department, the workers of which found the Christmas meetigs with participation of employees of Poland consulate, Catholic priests and Polish ethnic associations ideologically dangerous.

According to Paval Kmecik, the chairman of the Hrodna organization of the alternative Polish Union in Belarus, such actions power ethnic and religious hatred. “It seems as if they are saying there is a good religion and a bad one. It never brings anything good”, – he said, Belarusian Radio Racyja reports.

According to the radio, studying the Polish language in the schools of Hrodna has been drastically limited this academic year. The only Polish group in kindergarten No.83 was disbanded and many teachers were threatened to stop teaching Polish by KGB workers.

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