Sobriety Run Took Place In Hrodna On 1st Day Of New Year


A sobriety run took place on 1 January at Pyshki woodland park, initiated by the social section of Hrodna Orthodox diocese and Hrodna charity society with participation of several sports clubs.

134 people ran the health track with many relatives and friends supporting them. “We have came to show other people that it is possible to spare time interestingly and without alcohol. The main advantage is that in the morning you feel great even if you had slept only fou hours”, – the participants of the run told to

A prayer to St. Boniface, the patron of a sober lifestyle, was gicen at the Christ the Saviour church in Lida.

Priest Vadzim Ruban, the dean of of the church, reminded that celebration of New Year must go in compliance with a fasting before Orthodox Christmas. On the morning of 1 January the cleric of the church Viktar Zavala reminded that the strictest week of fasting started which must not be interferred by New Year festivities, reports.

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