Metropolitan Pavel Asked To Bring Love To Bethlehem Cribs


The Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslaul, the Patriarchal exarch of all Belarus Pavel asked the faithful in his Christmas speach to “ask themselves: what do we bring to the cribs which received the Lord?”

“He needs neither our glory nor material gains; futile thoughts and mundane cares, the people’s strife to surpass their fellows are dust in the face of God. For all times people who become proud and remove from God become miserable”, – he mentioned according to

The metropolitan called to bring to the Bethlehem cribles a strong and sincere faith, the example of which is given to us by Holy MOther of God, and love: “A love towards each other, to all people – an intense and active one, because “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another””. “There are always those near us who suffer, who loses one’s heart, the old and the weak, the wretched and the lone ones. It is necessary to understand that where is no love, mutual help and support there is no happiness, joy and fullness of existence. The Lord and Saviour awaits good fruit from the faithful children of the Holy Church – the service of love and mercy to our neighbours”, – the Patriarchal Exarch noted.

According to him, “the highest goal shown to us by the Saviour who descended to earth is a peaceful unity of people in unity with God, in one Orthodox faith, in the United, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church”. He also called to “preserve the unity of the Holy Orthodox Church” and to “build our unique civilization which stands on the universal Christian foundation and takes individual roots of different people in consideration” and which was founded by Vladimir, the baptizer of Rus.

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