Lukashenko: We Are Part Of BOC But Will Discuss Independence


The Belarusian president Aleksandr Lukashenko told during the Christmas service in the Holy Spirit Orthodox cathedral that he doesn’t understand the saying “The Church is outside the State is separated from it”. According to him, the Church today is one of the pillars of Belarusian state and supports the balance of our society on par with authorities.

While mentioning that auhtorities should not interfere too much in the Church affairs he stated that the Church should act in compliance with the Law, the Constitution. “And who creates the law and the Constitution? The state and its representatives. That is the real state of affairs”, – the president noted according to BelTA.

“And everybody of the Church, forgive me this remark because as the president I can say it, should know: the Church acts in the limits of a sovereign and independent state. Yes, we are the part of the Orthodox world which is called Russian Orthodox Church. We are not striving for any obscure autonomy or independence but I will sincerely say that we will discuss it at the meeting with priests. The church must develop”, – Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized.

He stated that the world has changed, that Belarus is a sovereign independent state and that “all authorities incuding the Church must adapt to it and development in that vector”. While refusng discussing this topic on Christmas, Aleksandr Lukashenko promised to discuss it “at the next meeting”.

While commenting the presidents speech a politologist Paval Usau emphasized the fact that Lukashenko threatens Belarusian people with possibility of war while unskillfully mixing modern times with a WWII past and treats the Orthodox Church as a part of the state propaganda machine.

A politiologist and tehologist Natallya Vasilevich calimed that the president’s words about BOC autonomy were as serious as the phony service which he attended: the audience consisted mostly of security personnel, the service was shortened for the sake of Lukashenko’s comfort. On the other hand, the politologist notices, Lukashenko would only profit from the BOC’s partial autonomy by virtually becoming its patriarch.