Shein: Authorities Change Their Attitude Towards Belarusian Protestants

Siem (02)

A certain shift in the Belarusian athorities’ attitude towards Protestant confessions can be observed in the last months. “For example, if one recalls the last Prayer for Belarus before the presidential elections – for the first time Protestant bishops were present among Orthodox and Catholic hierarchs”, – said the ex-co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party constituent committee Alyaksey Shein.

“They (Protestant bishops – ed.) were not present on stage but in the first lines of the invited. I also know that authorities organized meetings with the leader of Protestant denominations on a quite high level”, – added the politician according to Radio Svaboda.

According to Alyaksey Shein, the reason for such changes is that “the state tries to find support wherever it is possible, to find landing pods”.