BCD Constitutors From Vitsiebsk Being Forced Take Back Signatures

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Vitsiebsk authorities visit new members of Belarusian Christian Democracy party and make them write constitutor status refusal, the party’s constituent committee reported to Krynica.info.

At least two refusals has been already received, Vitsebsk region BCD constituent committee coordinator Tatstsyana Sevyarynets mentioned.

“Both of them are retirees, on of them still works. Both of them never faced such persecution, not only by phone but by personal visits”, – she stated.

The VI BCD party constituent assembly took place on 12 December. The session was technical but legally authorized. It was decided to hold the session due to the fact that EU and US lifted their sanction on Belarusian authorities and the obligation of the latter to liberalize political situation in the country.

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