What Confessions Does Krynica.info Writes Most Often About?

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The Krynica.info’s editorial staff often receives remarks about the portal representing only several confessions, while others are represented only scantly. We decided to find out how and which confessions are represented on the site.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the volume of information about a specific confession depends mostly on its media activity. Thus, several Belarusian religious groups, consciously or unconsciously give information to media quite rarely while others have a full-scale media presence. Krynica.info journalists try to get all confessions talking but often face reluctance to contact media.

On the whole, we suppose that the coverage of Christian confessions on Krynica.info represents their popularity among the country’s population. Thus, more than a half of Christian articles are considering Orthodox believers – 55% (BOC, BAOC, Old believers, Orthodox Churches of other countries). Roman and Greek Catholics take one third of articles – 33.9%. Besides, every tenth article on the site, 10.3%, is dedicated to the Protestant Churches and denominations (Adventists, Church of England, Baptists, Calvinists, Lutherans, Messianic Jews, Pentecostals and Full Gospel Christians).

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