Pro-Life Activists Call Belarusians to Ask Deputies For Abortion Abolition


An activist of Pro-Life Belarus movement theologist Yuliya Chyrva applied an address to the Chamber of Representatives to put abolition of abortions on a national referendum.

Yuliya Chyrva also calls Belarusian citizens to follow her example and to address the Chamber of representatives with the same proposition, reports.

Yuliya Chyrva also proposes to abolish the advertisment of the abortive contraception and to introduce an obligatory bioethics course not only for medics but to the students of law and manahement, social workers, pedagogists and journalists as well.

While addressing the deputies the activist quotes an Orthodox saint Paisy Svyatogorets: “When the law of the state allows abortion the consquences lay on the shoulders  of every citizen but when the state abolishes abortion only those who sin will be punished”.

Yuliya Chyrva asks for the Pro-Life Belarus movement to be allowed to run a social announcement campaign against abortions by providing platforms in the state media and to disseminate social advertisment in public places.

The activist also calls to exclude all kinds of abortions from the list of medical services and to cease its budget funding and to find means to reward obstetrician-gynecologist for every saved pregnancy.

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