Bishop Serafim: Theology Helps Overcoming Disputes Between Churches


While thinking about the essence of the Catholic prayer week on Christian unity, the Bishop of Babaruysk and Bykhau Serafim emphasizes that restoration of unity will always be the aim of all Churches and communities.

“Though we haven’t yet reached the full unity we have more things in common than different”, – says the Bishop Serafim, the head of the synodal department of Church-society relations of the Belarusian Exarchate, while adding that Catholics and Orthodoxes face a common task – to defend traditional Christian values, to protect life and peace on Earth, environmental problems, to protect Christian historical sites and to support Christians facing persecution, reports.

While talking about the origins of the schism, His Eminence Serafim reminds that the division itself was caused by historical circumstances that “every normal personal, every Christian understands imperfectionof the situation” which, according to the bishop, is especially inappropriate for “a Belarusian who is living on the border between cultures and traditions, where sometimes spouses are of different Christian confessions”.

Bishop Serafim finds it very positive that scientific conferences, seminars and round table meetings are held in Belarus by Orthodoxes and Catholics. He also finds the possibility of theology graduates to train at Catholic theology centers.

His Eminence Serafim himself went in a three-month training program at East Churches Institute in Regensburg, an institution of the German Bishops Conference. “Theology is a base of the dialog and of the way to overcome disputes”, – says the Orthodox hierarch.