Lutheran Pastor Tatarnikau: The Stronger Will Be Voices Of Christians The Sooner They Will Be Heard


While thinking about the essence of the Christian Unity prayer week held by the Catholic Church on 18-25 November, a Lutheran pastor Uladzimir Tatrnikau, the head of the Saint John community in Hrodna, says that in the XXI century a joint paryer becomes extremely important.

While reminding that it was hard to belive some time ago that Christians of different confessions would prayer together, Pastor Tatarnikau approves the initiative of the Prayer Week which is taking place for the 49th time. The pastor sees a positive result in the fact that “representatives of different Christian confessions gather to think about the new slogan or the verses from the Holy Writing and to pray together”, reports.

According to Pastor Tatarnikau, the understanding of the fact that “we have more things in common than things dividing us” is helped by a secular surrounding, including a family which is often multiconfessional.

“Secularization makes difficult to explain what the faith is. Many people in Europe and in the whole world turned away from the Church. A significant loss of faith and traditions is observed. Many people have no connection with religion at all”, – says the pastor, while emphasizing that a joint voice of the Christian Church is needed today.

“In the joint prayer we can learn a lot from each other”, – says Pastor Tatarnikau, while explaining that “a joint witness of Christians has a greater importance in the secularized society. The stronger our joint actions will be, the sooner they will hear us”.

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