Orthodox Priest About Christian Unity: Christianity Will Stand By Attracting People With Light And Warmness


The head of the education and cathechization department of Minsk diocese of Belarusian Orthodox Church protopriest Aliaksandr Shymbaliou sees the Christian unity prayer week, held by the Catholic Church on 18-25 January, as an important sign of joint Christian work.

“The unity comes when people devotely serve God and live by appostolic tradition, when they care about protection of the Christ’s words. When everybody strives for it, a unity with Christ and oneself will come”,  – f. Aliaksandr says while reminiscing on possible moves towards Christian unity, while adding that it is primary for everybody “to do what the Lord Jesus Christ calls us to do: to follow Evangelic commandments and to strive for eradication of one’s personal sins”, catholic.by reports.

The world today, according to the priest, first of all demands the purity and example of true love from Christians. “If Christian community attracts other people with light and warmness  then Christianity will stand”, – f. Aliaksandr emphasizes.

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